Faux shagreen Place mats in Gold Antique

Faux shagreen Place mats in Gold Antique

faux shagreen coasters and placemats are actually effective solutions on any spillages spilling on your precious surfaces from drinks.

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    Faux Shagreen Place mats as shown in Gold leaves Antique. Large size Dia 305mm x4mm

    You feel very anxious as any spillages spill on your precious surfaces from drinks so our faux shagreen coasters and placemats are actually effective solutions. Daphoco stunning faux shagreen round placemats/ coasters are not only extremely stylish, but also very practical. These faux shagreen round placemats/ coasters are made from resin and black velvet on the other side. This makes them very easy to keep clean should any spillages occur.

    Large size Ø305mmx4mm

    Medium size Ø 227mmx4mm

    Coaster Small size Ø 90mmx4mm

    Rectangle size 440mm x 320mm x 4mm


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