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About Daphoco - a designer and manufacturer all fauxshagreen furniture and others for your sweet home.


    Warmly welcome to Daphoco’s website. We are thankful for your accessing into our website which is full of fine products and giftwares made from fauxshagreen and eco-materials. Daphoco was established by Alex Nguyen, an experienced person who has worked for some furniture and handmade companies in Vietnam. He has spent more than 7 years in the production lines manufacturing and designing for clients worldwide. So he knows how to make fine products that meet his customers’ demands. Born in at countryside, Alex Nguyen has a great impact on nature. That is why Daphoco’s slogan named: Back to nature.

    While there is a controversy on most materials taken from animals for manufacturing furniture and others, Daphoco is distinguished by using eco-materials from initial creative design concept through manufacturing to end product. All of the raw materials are certified and acquired legally from many sources across the globe. We select the finest raw materials, mix them for proper color match, produce fauxshagreen and then use the best hide glues to adhere them to the furniture and others. When these exotic hides are employed, the finished products make use of the subtle differences in natural skin tones to provide an elegant, monochromatic look. They also create a luxurious surface with an incomparable feel.

    Daphoco is a fauxshagreen furniture-specialized wholesale manufacturer with a focus on customer’s needs. Our commitment to high quality standards, innovation, and creativity makes it necessary to provide not only the finest, most beautiful fauxshagreen products but also the most contemporary items being used daily in your life. We assist those ready on any stage of the production process with custom colors and designs.

    Our vision is to get approach to ensure top quality products, the proper safety of wildlife and stable development. We have built our good reputation on our products and guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of every tables, jewelry boxes, trays, photo frames, bath set and decorative items……with fauxshagreen coatings. we emphasize the quality of our products and transparency of our business practices with videos , articles, policies and tools in this website to ensure our customers make the best decision for their trade needs. We are accessible, and once you found us, remember that it wasn’t by accident. That is opportunity for both. Let our knowledge and experience save you from the time and money based on the competitive price and on-time delivery policy. Our motto: Prestige, Highest Quality, Wide Range of Design, and Reasonable Pricing.

    Our product ranges include fauxshagreen-coated furniture and home accessories, lighting, mirrors, lamp shades, and almost any other products that our clients can dream up.

    We are pleased to introduce his exclusive collection at our showroom in Ho Chi Minh City and factory at Binh Duong Province. At Daphoco Furniture, we believe that true inspirations come from the impact of life’s adventures and the vision beyond them. We hope you enjoy browsing through our adventures as much as we enjoy sharing them.

    Daphoco is a pioneer not only in fauxshagreen products, but antique ones. Along with its reputation, Daphoco has employed many craftsmen, skilled workers, as well as technical and administrative managers who have already contributed much to the development of Daphoco for years. They are people who create drawings from clients’ ideas, make samples from drawings, and make ideas realize. They are flexible and creative workforces. Our design and technical department has ACAD services to assist our clients with their designs. As a result, within a short period of time, Daphoco Furniture has become one of the Vietnam leading manufacturers of decorative items and products made from a variety of materials such as MDF, Polyester resin, Marine plywood, wood, brass, aluminum, metal, stainless steel, fiber, gold/silver leaves, lacquer, pottery, and other types of wicker.

    Our production processes include Carpenter, Sanding, Resin molding (Resin casting), Spraying, Finishing, Assembly, and Packing. Some finishing products require polishing, etching and antique bronze patina or antique gold/silver leaves. All of our production meets both American and European manufacturing standards.

             Daphoco’s customers are mainly from United State, England, Germany, France, Spanish, Turkey... who are always satisfied with our products and feel trust on us. For years, Daphoco has confirmed that we are a great provider of very high quality fauxshagreen and antique products in Vietnam. Most of products at Daphoco are from clients’ orders. If we don’t have in stock what you dream, we can produce it for you within 30 working days at fair market prices.

                 At the Daphoco Joint Stock Company we are pleased to assist you, our staff is trained to be your project advocate and is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, both during the production process, exporting services and after.  As the founder and president of Daphoco, I would like to invite you to contact us regarding your next project.

    Welcome to Daphoco Joint Stock Company.

    Factory and showroom address:
    68 - To Vinh Dien Street- Tan Hoa Hamlet - Dong Hoa Ward - Di An Town - Binh Duong Province - Viet Nam

    www.daphoco.com or www.fauxshagreenfurniture.net

    Email: daphocosales@gmail.com
          Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity of developing a long standing relationship with you.

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