• How to care for Faux Shagreen finishing products

    Daphoco Faux Shagreen finishing products are resistant to minor everyday hazards; however, some precautions are necessary to maintain the beauty of your luxurious property.

    With dust on Shagreen surface, use a feather broom to sweep it slightly.

    With spills, stains or smudges, remove it immediately with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with warm water and dry completely with another clean cloth, especially with the joining.



    Avoid Faux Shagreen finishing products contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, and harsh solvents such as nail polish, alcohol and moisture.

    Do not leave water leak into the shagreen joins; they can damage the products.


    How to remove spill on faux shagreen


    Do not place Shagreen finishing products sản phẩm dán da cá đuối near heat outlets, windows, outdoor or in direct sunlight

    Use pads beneath accessories and when writing or eating.  

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