• From the stingray skin fever for jewelry to the stingray leather interior in modern times

    Since ancient times, legends of stingrays with sparkling skin have always fascinated the elite. Stingray skin is inherently durable, multi-patterned and multi-colored, is the inspiration that attracts leading craftsmen to try it out.

    Ancient civilizations have told people that ray skin gives strength and power to anyone who owns it. The backbone of the ray is white pearl, which is considered a protective charm of luck and prosperity. Egyptian artisans appreciate the beauty and durability of stingray skin and are heavily used in decorative items. Many ray rays were found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. The Japanese also used ray skin as armor or sword handles for Samurai.

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    To the more modern era, in the 18th century in France, the use of ray skin , or stingray was decorated in sheaths, wigs, medicine boxes favored by King Louis XV, pioneering creation by artist Jean-Claude Galuchat . Various stingray skin  colors are combined with precious metal materials in many crafts industries and from 1899 - 1933, at his studio in London, British artisan John Paul Cooper pushed the art of making ray skin to a new level. Nearly 1,000 stingray skin artifacts including vases, ornate leather-wrapped boxes, candlesticks, picture frames, wallets, bags, belts, book bags have been produced and praised for their excellent quality. perfect. In recent years, ray skin is becoming a new craze in the world of high-end fashion, tried by many leading luxury brands, while interior designers also use stingray skin. Drowning is the material for the production of high-end indoor items such as: stingray coffee coffee table, dressing table, console table ...

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    Stingrays are a class of marine species in the subspecies. The gillfish is found in both salt and fresh coastal waters around the world and most stingrays are not threatened or endangered. extinct. Before the ray was widely used, fishermen who caught this species often discarded the toxic skin and kept only a small amount for use in boat building because the hard surface of this skin is an option. Great alternative to sandpaper. Stingray skin is more flexible, but its durability is not affected. Records of ray and shark skin used during the early 19th and late 18th centuries were stored in many prestigious museums. Especially the Victoria & Albert Museum has a great collection of this skin type.
    Although using ray skin in accessories is not new, it really revives this special material as a trend in the world. Not out of the trend in 2014, Daphoco International Joint Stock company has successfully developed a stingray leather imitation with a rate similar to real ray skin up to 99%, especially it is used for all kinds of countertops, decorative facades, gift products such as jewelry boxes, ring boxes, frames, tea trays, night lights ...


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    Alex Nguyen, owner of Daphoco started by importing some real ray skin to Vietnam and proceeded to copy the ratio of 1: 1 pattern of real ray, then reconnecting the skin of the fish. together to create a stingray skin that can be used on large tables. This has also protected the survival of this species in the wild.
    With the creativity in design and application, many designers are now producing many designs that apply ray skin as a key ingredient to increase the value of interior products. much compared to other materials.
    This is a very popular trend for USA and Canada. Currently Daphoco Vietnam is a manufacturer of ray skin imitation and production of all kinds of ray skin related products are known by many domestic and foreign enterprises.
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