• The meanings of Turtle/ Tortoise in your house

    Turtle is the animal in the Tu Linh *Four Sacred Animal* (Long= Dragon, Ly = Mythical Unicorn, Quy = Turtle, Phung = Phoenix), bringing the power of Tortoise, which means stable like a mountain.

    The meaning icon of Turtle in Feng  Shui: Business, Money and Slowly but Surely

    The meanings of Turtle/ Tortoise in your house

     It is said that turtle mascot is defending in the north. From immemorial time, people have the notion of the North is the place to attract money from jobs and business, bringing the power of Tortoise, which means stable mountain and storm blocking. Tortoise is worshiped and is one of the security context of Feng Shui help neutralize bad thing in the housing world. However, compared with other mascots like the phoenix or dragon, turtle creature is real and always ready to help you have more opportunities to move forward. With the Turtle indoor presentation will be useful  in helping bring peace, prosperity and development to owner. Daphoco has developed the Faux Turtle shell to coat on any indoor furniture and home accessories so that in some way Turtle is always in your sweet home.

    The meanings of Turtle/ Tortoise in your house

    The house is located near the hospital, cemetery, power stations ... often affected by bad wind or bad things. If turtles presented in these homes, it will protect the homes from these. Put indoor Turtles also make fortune and health of members in more sustainable housing. The turtle will definitely work to help homeowners are gradually stabilizing.

    However, like other Feng Shui items, as described in your home turtle also note some taboos as follows:

    When presented turtles to neutralize bad feng shui, the head of the turtle is always facing the door. If its head faces inside the house, the turtle become a neck – pulled turtle, hard to go forward in business.

    Each kind of turtle made from different materials to put in the face of different azimuth. Such as Ceramic turtle, wood turtle with the east; stone turtle, ceramic turtle should be located in the southwest and northeast. Meanwhile, the dragon-head turtle located in the west or the northwest of the house.

    In Feng Shui, turtles play a very important position, according to legend, turtle itself carry on map horoscope. When looking at the turtle shell, we will see many hexagons that look like the box Bagua. Therefore, if a turtle shell hanging on the doors will work just as Bagua mirrors which block the murderous atmospheres.

    Scientists are proving turtle to be one of the animals with the highest life expectancy. In the culture of Vietnam, turtle is a sacred animal which has been respected since ancient times. In the symbols of Feng Shui, tortoise is the most meaningful. It is the only creature in the sacred animals do exist and can be easily found should not merely a symbol of longevity, but also of protection and proporous life.

    In the art of Feng Shui, tortoise has also been described like hills of the North firmly, ensuring the family has close and durable links. The turtle is also said to be the carrier matrix of nine magic numbers on the back and basically bring attention to Fu Xi - the first emperor in Chinese legend, who is said to be the author of Ching, the book is the basis of all the theories of Feng Shui.

    Tortoise is only an animal that was carrying on his back the mystical squares. There are many legends describing the symbolism of mystical pattern on the back of turtle. It is said that these mystical pattern are all the mysteries of the heavens and the earth.

    If you look closely at the turtle, you'll notice that it has a snake head and a long neck. The Feng Shui specialists often give advices to represent dragon - head turtle to have plenty of luck. The iconic dragon - head turtle is often seen sitting on a lot of coins and gold bullion with a coin in the mouth shut. This creature is both embodied the courage of dragons and the reliable protection of turtles. The entrepreneur displaying this image at the workplace would have more courageous in making decisions and avoid the risks in their business. It is advised to represent turtle  in the north of the home because they will bring your family more luck and healthy.

    The meanings of Turtle/ Tortoise in your house

    Therefore, the turtle shell is one of the best materials for home décor. Currently our Daphoco Company is developing techniques to imitate variety of rare animal skins such as stingray or shagreen, turtles shell, Boa skin, jute fabrics, raffia, linen fabrics, rattan..... With these skins we will paste on the indoor furniture product and gifts for the middle and the royal family.

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