Khay tròn giả vải bố tay cầm vòng thau, màu xám Grey color

Khay tròn giả vải bố tay cầm vòng thau, màu xám Grey color

One of our newest Daphoco Faux Raffia ( Giả vải bố ) items is round tray with circle brass tray in Light Grey color. The combination between faux raffia texture and polished brass creates the exotic look to you.

Mã SP: FR090

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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  • Designed by Mr. Alex, 100% handmade in Viet Nam, with exclusive circle brass handles in a contemporary design, finished in faux raffia texture color; this stylish faux raffia ( Giả vải bố) round tray can be used as a drink, serving tray or display tray and looks elegant in both contemporary & traditional interior settings. It is easy care, non-absorbent material. It makes a perfect gift, present for any occasion.


    Faux raffia round tray with circle brass handles in Light Grey color

    To remove stains & ring marks the surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    Available in several of faux raffia texture colors to suit many different interiors. Every piece is hand-finished by Vietnamese skilled workers

    Other faux raffia colors are also available: Taupe, Charcoal, Turquoise, Seal, Ivory, Light Grey, Jade green, White, Gold leaves, and silver leaves.

    Shown as in Faux raffia ( vải bố )  Circle bass round tray in light grey color

    Kích thước:

    Cm: 0.470 x 0.470  x 0.065

    Inch: 18.50   x 18.50 x 2.56

    Nguyên Liệu:

    Faux Raffia + MDF + Polished Brass


    Daphoco is a manufacturer and has exported to wholesalers over the world with FOB Price, MOQ is normally 20 to 50 pcs/sets.

    Daphoco accepts to make samples with FOB Price x 2 times. Protection Status